About Us

Ubiguard easily installs any camera, connects it to our platform, securely records videos in the cloud and allows viewing them from any smartphone, tablet, computer or TV.

Ubiguard allows you to install almost any camera in the market. If you need to buy a cheap camera with simple capabilities or an expensive one is up to you. The services we offer are the same for everybody. You can save money reusing an already-bought standard camera.

Ubiguard automatically detects and installs an IP camera plugged to your network. No technical expertise required. You can also manually install remote cameras following Ubiguard's guidelines.

Access cameras in real-time or your recorded videos everywhere, from your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV. Ubiguard provides an easy to use web page from where you can view your cameras or recordings, from a computer or mobile device. Additionally, Ubiguard provides smartphone and tablet apps to make access simpler and easier.

Three engineers with high expertise in IP video surveillance founded Ubiguard in August 2013. Ubiguard's mission is to make video surveillance simple, affordable and efficient. Ubiguard's main objective is that anybody can install a camera without technical expertise, avoiding installing and configuring the camera or the home LAN network. Our engineers have been integrating cameras for years and know how to make things simpler.

Our pricing is so simple that it is really easy for you to decide. We hope you like what we offer.